What are the production management modules of ERP software?

In the era of the rapid development of electronic information & Internet technology. Many companies have implemented ERP software systems to standardize management of manufacturing problems. Then some people will ask, what are the production management modules of the ERP system?

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ERP Production Management

What is the ERP system production management module?

  • Main production plan

The main production plan of the ERP system wisely arrange the product varieties and quantities provided. Hence, they could be used in future according to the sales orders, the distribution, and the production plan. Transforming the production plan into the enterprise product plan. Thereby, balancing the supply of raw materials and the working capacity of the facilities. Also, generating a detailed schedule that is accurate to the time period. From the production plan, actual order information, and the forecast from the sales summary history.

  • Material Requirements Planning

The main production plan of ERP system determines the production and processing of several final commodities. That is done according to the ERP system bill of materials. Analyzing the already processed materials and products waiting for processing. Also, measuring the total number of spare parts required for production. Comparing the current inventory with the estimated inventory. How much available and how much to buy.

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  • Work capacity demand plan

After basic material demand planning and balancing the load capacity of all work centers. A detailed work plan is calculated. Which confirm whether the converted material demand plan is a demand solution for company’s capacity. The work capacity requirement plan is a short-term plan that is actually applied at this stage.

  • Production workshop master

The production ERP system can change the dynamic work plan with time. It assigns the work to each specific production workshop. While carrying out the business order, operation control, and operation monitoring.

  • The specification

The ERP system program planning requires a lot of basic manufacturing materials. Which includes the source code of spare parts, management of raw materials, and unique code identification for each raw material. A bill of materials that defines the technical documentation for the product structure is also used. The route describes the processing steps and the sequence of operations for producing and assembling the product. It also defines the sequence of the processes and the rated working hours. Which indicates the processing equipment and the required tools and resources. The work center consists of the same or similar mechanical equipment. Or personnel to arrange production schedule, calculate production capacity, and calculate costs.

Well, the above is a general introduction to the production management module of the ERP system. Of course, the production ERP system can be more than that. This just provides a brief preface.

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